Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real Commitment: Phil Greene

Phil Greene is a committed boxer and trainer who teaches boxing to a range of people from kids to adults at Future Boxing Gym in Rochester, NY. Phil’s main purpose is to prevent violence on streets in Rochester. “What we teach them stays in the ring. If they disobey that rule, then the result is suspension from the program.” Greene says.

Phil set up this boxing program not only to prevent violence on the streets, but also to help to reduce obesity and asthma in children and teens.

“I love coming here everyday, because I get to work with different kinds of people, and I enjoy being around kids.” Greene says.

Greene works as a construction worker, renovating homes daily. He uses the money to support himself, and also to keep the program running.

“He really pushes me a lot and keeps it fun. That makes me want to come everyday to work with him. I grew up being trained by Phil and he’s one of the reasons why I’m the way I am now.” Levias Williams explains.

Phil doesn’t only do construction work or teach boxing, but also generously offers help when necessary.

If Phil never set up this program, who knows what would happen to the people whose lives Phil made a difference in?

Anne & Steve