Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sledding at Millville Bluffs (another part)

On Monday, December 27, 2010, Gabriel Cramer decides to go down one of the Millville's bluffs with his snowboard and jump off a small bump of snow in middle of the slope. After jumping, he lands on his back on the snowy ground and deals with the pain his landing caused. Joe Trembly shares some of his drink with him to relieve the pain and the cold.

Sledding at Millville Bluffs

Snow bursts into Joe Trembly's face as he dashes down the slope with his sled at the Millville Bluffs on Monday, December 27, 2010.

Tali DeJesus laughs out loud after being run into by Trembly on his sled.

After sledding down one of the bluffs, Trembly finds that the snow sticks to his facial hair even his eyelashes.

Jump and snatch the snowball!

Melody Raudenbush throws a snowball for her golden retriever to jump and snatch in the front yard of her home in South Jersey on a snowy Sunday of December 26, 2010.

Little Jim throws a piece of ice to see if it will break on the ground while taking a brief break from hiking in the woods on Christmas day in Millville, NJ (2010).

Jim Lambert cherishes his children and shows them his fatherly love by going on hikes with them.

"I think something is wrong with your bottom lip because it is upside down." a cousin of Little Mikey (photo) tells him in a slightly jeering tone, which made him whine even more.

Christmas :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fire Alarm at Sol Heumann Hall

Gabe Blumenstock covers himself with blanket to remain warm on a freezing wintry day as he waits with his friend, Christopher Wilson, for the dormitory fire alarm to cease on Friday, December 10, 2010.